Along with playing in a game, we should concern the currency because it is a vital factor of any game. In the LifeAfter game, we are dealing with various survival challenges, and we can complete them with a certain amount of currency. The game is all about adventure fights with dangerous enemies, and it is increasing our excitement. You need to protect his friends, pets with a deadly virus, and attack of scavengers.

Each player wants a high amount of currency, but it is not an overnight task, and for getting success, we should understand the gameplay. The beginners can check out on Lifeafter Review, and it provides us right info about all aspects of the game.

Significant currencies and resources

In the game, we will see two currencies like gold bar and credits. Both are helpful for upgrading many items. Lots of resources are used in the game, and some of them are temporary. Before going to fight the players have to full the gold bar. We require detailed info about them and power up the player.

Gold bar

It is a prime currency, and the gold bars are showing your life. For surviving long in the game, we need to high it. The bar is increasing fighting powers, and the players can kill many enemies and get additional currency also. In the game, different ways are present, so anyone can easily get such currency.


Credits are all about cash, and it is mainly used for purchasing new guns and helicopter service. There are lots of playing tools available, but all are not free for us.  Food is vital resources in the game, and for it, the players need to explore different places. We can get free currency by the daily quest and missions.