In the Game Of Sultans, you will get a chance to being the Sultan of the empire. Therefore, you also need to understand your duties and that is protecting your empire from the enemy’s attacks. Even players can also check out the level of the Sultan because it will start from level 1 and goes to master and at the last you have to reach the grand level. Instead of this, there are lots of ways to enhance the level of the sultan.

The level of the sultan determines the power of the empire, recruit limit, Trade limit, Levy limit and the affairs limit. Therefore, get ready to using the Game Of Sultans Cheats because it is the only source that can support you to being a rich sultan in the game with lots of gold and diamonds.

Make use of free items or rewards

If you are playing the game then don’t forget to use the items so simply complete the quests. On the main screen you will find the option of the backpack so simply click on it and get the list of the items that you have. Instead of this, there would be lots of items such as named renaming card. In addition to this, some people get confused about the renaming card so it is really useful for change the name. Other items like rings then it is used to reward that consort in Harem. It will enhance the charm level. XP boosters, books are items used for increasing the attributes of Viziers.

Lamp feature

You will find the option of a lamp on the right side of the main screen. Simply light the lamp in order to grab the rewards. Players will get one oil drop on a daily basis which can be used for lighting the lamp. Even after playing the game you will find the Game Of Sultans Cheats more useful so take its advantages perfectly.